1.Focus on ROI

One of the best ecommerce redesign practices that you need to know about is focusing your efforts on ROI. The main goal of redesign itself should be on increasing traffic, customer retention, and the conversion rate.   

Each design element or feature needs to be measured in terms of these goals. Otherwise, there is no point in using the element. Moreover, you also need to increase the back-office efficiency. Generally, it is tied to ecommerce re-platform and not redesign.

Through re-platform, you get to address concerns involving ecommerce technology solutions. On the other hand, ecommerce redesign deals with branding, page flow, traffic, and more. 

Brands tend to redesign by migrating from one solution to another to ensure that the site layout and infrastructure are supported. But, this is not always required.

2.Test Often

Testing is crucial in the world of ecommerce redesign. It is vital that you test the performance of new functionalities and redesigns often. The more you test the website, the better. Now, it is not possible to test all the time. 

If you are unable to test before launching the redesign, you should at least test it after its launch. Prior to the redesign, you have to measure the site performance continuously for a period of three months. Then, you should give the redesign some months before you make a comparison of the performance results.

Once you have made the changes and the performance of the site improves, you should reach out to your designer team or ecommerce technology provider to draft a copy for pitching publications covering your success.

It offers brand awareness and PR opportunities to highlight your position in the market.     

Some of the things that you need to test along the way for increased success are mentioned below.

  • Simplicity: The first thing that you should do is remove website clutter. Include prominent CTAs and focus on-site search functionality. It will move customers through the desired conversion funnel quickly. 
  • Natural Flow: Another thing that you cannot overlook is the flow of the website. Provide a natural flow for customers to move towards. Once again, CTAs must be utilized to push customers to make the desired decision.
  • Rethink the Button Copy and Color: Next, you have to optimize the button copy and color to boost conversions.

3.Think Mobile

Every successful ecommerce website knows the importance of being mobile-friendly. You have to think mobile if you want to attract customers and keep them hooked.

Google has made mobile-friendliness a priority when ranking websites. It is due to this reason that mobile-friendliness needs to be a requirement.

When you redesign the ecommerce website, think critically about how the website would appear on a mobile device and resize the design accordingly. There are plenty of tools that you can use to test your design on a mobile device.

If it is your first time focusing on the mobile redesign, you should know that devices change all the time. Make sure to provide a responsive experience to visitors. Never wait to adjust the website for new devices, as it would mean that you are losing out on customers.

4. Remember Functionality and Take Inventory 

According to internet marketing services experts, you have to consider functionality and take inventory of your website. A common mistake that most site owners make is forgetting to take inventory of the features and functionality of their website. 

There is bound to be functionality and content that is already working wonders. The main focus should be on understanding the site elements that are responsible for causing friction during the sales process. Then, you can improve them or remove them altogether.

To gain insights into the website flow, use Google Analytics. It will help prioritize the pages that require redesign and have a high bounce rate.

Carefully think about the reason behind why people are leaving the page. It could be due to difficulty with navigation, poor functionality, or no product photos.

5. Visuals Are Mainstay

Since humans are visual creatures, you have to take advantage of this knowledge to include amazing visuals that help you convert traffic. Go through the data elements that are displayed. Integrate social proof, reviews, and ratings for a seamless experience. 

There should be a strong value proposition showcased on each page. Avoid using stock photography for an authentic experience. You have to be customer-centric when it comes to redesigning. Rather than following your gut, you should test everything.

Track all the metrics to make sure that each design change is monitored to measure its impact on the overall bottom line. 

Implement Need-to-Know Ecommerce Redesign Best Practices

Once you have gone over this post, you will know about the best ecommerce redesign practices. From focusing on ROI to leveraging stunning visuals, utilize the best practices for an outstanding redesign. Make sure to test as much as possible along the way. It will prove useful.