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Today we “will split the thread into four” and we are going to start with the WordPress Dashboard. We’ll walk you through the options of the WordPress dashboard, so you can see for yourself how simple the interface really is, it’s like a bird’s eye view of operations, from which you can swoop down into the particular details. Without saying any words, let’s get started.

WordPress Admin is the administrative area of a website/blog built on WordPress. It’s the back-end where you’ll make modifications, adjust settings, publish posts or pages and configure the appearance of the website. It’s made up of two main parts: the left-hand menu (with sections for various customizations) and the work area (in the middle of the screen, with quick commands for modifying the website).

How Do You Access The WordPress Admin Dashboard?

By default, you can find the WordPress admin dashboard by appending /wp-admin to the URL of your WordPress installation. That means you can find the WordPress admin at:

How Do You Log Into Your WordPress Admin Area?

If you’re not already logged in, you can access your admin dashboard by appending /wp-admin, WordPress will automatically redirect you to the WordPress admin login page, without any action required on your part. But you can also always manually go straight to the WordPress admin login page URL by visiting:

We strongly recommend changing the default login URL. Why? Because all of the hackers, bots, and scripts out there scan for this general URL. Changing it to something else can be a simple and very effective way to decrease the number of bad login attempts to your website. You can make yourself less of a target, better protect yourself against brute force attacks.

The Dashboard

The Dashboard screen presents information in blocks called widgets. By default, WordPress delivers five widgets on this page: At a Glance, Activity, Quick Draft, WordPress Events and News, and Welcome.

WordPress Dashboard Screen

At a Glance

This section gives an overview of your blog’s posts, number of published posts and pages, and number of comments. When you click on these links, you will be taken to the respective screen. It displays the current version of running WordPress along with the currently running theme on the site.


A list of the most recent comments on your blog is detailed in this widget. Each comment that is listed as a link to the related post title–clicking this link allows you to edit the post. Hovering the mouse over each comment activates a menu of choices: to approve (or unapproved) the comment, edit the comment, reply to the comment, mark the comment as spam, or delete the comment.

Quick Draft

The Quick Draft is a mini post editor that allows writing, saving and publishing a post from the admin dashboard. It includes the title for the draft, some notes about the draft and save it as a Draft.

WordPress Events and News

The WordPress News Widget displays the latest news such as the latest software version, updates, alerts, news regarding the software, etc. from the official WordPress blog.


The Welcome widget shows links for some of the most common tasks when setting up a new site.

Tip: What to do if you can’t log in to your WordPress Admin Dashboard?

Case 1: you forgot your password. This is a common cause, and the issue can be quickly fixed. Simply click on “Lost your password?”, provide the username or email address you used when installing WordPress, and you’ll receive an email for the new password.

Case 2: password reset is not working. In this case, you have to manually edit your database, in PhpMyAdmin, after having accessed cPanel. You have to retrieve the login and password for your cPanel, go to PhpMyAdmin in the Databases section, and select the “users” table. Choose MD5, then click on user_pass and change the password.

If you still having trouble login into your WordPress Admin Dashboard, here’s a little help on how to retrieve the login.

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