Is it or isn’t a challenge to go online?

Can’t argue with that. Look at me. I’m online. ~Hurray~

What to do online? Have you thought about what can you do online? Let me introduce you to the options that you have if you decide to go online.
This is a brief introduction to what you can build with WordPress.

Why WordPress?

First of all, I say WordPress because I’m a big fan, especially with, hey, it’s free but still with a small cost (the cost that I’m talking about is for web hosting services, but take a peek at the section with web hosting on this article.

Secondly, because I have total control of my website.
Enough reasons, mate? I didn’t think so. By the end of this article, I bet you will approve my ideas.

But the first thing is the first question:

What can you build with WordPress?

Quickie : Did you know that it takes a lot more time to pronounce “world wide web” that just “www”? I challenge you to try it. I’m right or what? 🙂

Back to our business, the world wide web is an enormous place (approx. 4,392,815,625 internet users), therefore it is a good way to evolve your “5 stars” local business or just to start a new business. Going online takes a lot of thinking, planning and elaborate strategies.

From blogging to e-commerce, to business and portfolio websites.

So let me help you a bit by telling you what can you build with WordPress as a beginner:

  • Personal blog/Business website. Either you are a hobbyist looking to share your experience or trying to develop your business, this choice will work for you.
  • News. The news website is basically an online portal for news channels. You can write news pretty much about everything, such as electronic devices, video games, technology and so on.
  • Coupon website. This option is a way to make money from home by helping people save money or time with a coupon or daily deal site.
  • Auction website with WordPress Auction Plugin. A plugin that gives you an easy and quick way to plan auctions on your site. You can find it on Besides a free version of it, there is also a PRO version. Depending on the need, find can find more information on their site.
  • Review website. Creating your own review website is one of the best ways to make money online with affiliate marketing.
  • Make a quiz website with Formidable. This is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create Surveys & Quiz tests in any WordPress powered website.

Basically, anything that crosses your mind.

Is WordPress easy to use for a beginner?

In my point of view, WordPress is easy to use for a beginner especially for creating websites or blogs. It is easy to learn, and the implementation process is also really simple. But, just like learning new stuff, new skills, takes time.


What are the benefits of using WordPress?

Many of you are aware of the growing popularity of websites and blogs hosted on WordPress. However, many of you do not yet know about the benefits that they offer. Find out about some of the benefits of using WordPress:

  • Search Engines love WordPress websites. They just do. But you have to be consistent in your work. if you are interested to learn more about why do search engines love the WP website, you can take a look at this mini SEO guide.
  • You can manage and control your website from any computer, as long as you have the log in information.
  • No need for HTML editing, however, there is an option in WordPress for editing your HTML & CSS code in Appearance > Editor.
  • You are in charge of the design, which is 100% customizable.
  • If you go for a blog, a blog is build-in and ready-to-go.
  • If you want to extend the functionality of your website, you can do it whenever you want with free or/and premium plugins.

Final thoughts

Did I get your approval? Have I made myself clear? Did I miss something? Is there anything that you would add or change?

I kindly waiting for your comments. Have a good one!